16 May 2018

11 months

Pearce is 11 months! 
He gets a little more wiggly and a little more happy every day. 
I thought we might call him JP but we never do. 
I think he should like bananas but he doesn't. 
His favorite sibling is Ruth and he has 5 teeth. 
That's a Ferguson record, I think! 

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15 May 2018

mom life

This was my 7th mother's day as a mom and Travis still hasn't figured out he needs to buy a card. 
At least a card. 
So.... as the recipient of nothing... I kind of pouted a little. Or a lot. 
It was not my finest moment. 
Motherhood is full of moments I should have handled better. 
I am a work in progress. 
(Travis did buy me flowers later in the day and next year I will refer him back to this blog post for assistance!) 

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07 May 2018

kinda camping

Remember when I said I disliked Girl Scouts? 
I've changed my mind. 
It's a girls prerogative. 
This weekend G and I spent the night at the Perot Museum with her Daisy troop. 
I honestly enjoyed every bit of it- with the exception of sleeping on the ground. 
There was only 5 hours of ground time, so really that's more like a nap. 


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23 April 2018


Pearce is 10 months!!!
Travis started talking about how that's double digits and quite close to 1 and that mildly upset me. 
Remember how I kept saying he was like a giant newborn? 
Welllllll apparently that's frowned upon. 
He was evaluated for ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) and qualified for two categories so we will start "excercieses" this month. 
He's been eating more human food and I've started weaning him because breastfeeding is for the birds. 
He makes THE BEST facial expressions and we all know he gets that from me. 
(I was once told I would make a nice cartoon character.)
Pearcey Pie we don't care if you never crawl, we'll hold your squishy baby body FOREVER!!!!

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17 April 2018


Full disclosure: I'm in an unhealthy relationship with a TV show and it's preventing me from blogging. 
I may be 14 years behind in Lost, but I AM SO IN. 
(I'm also into Pearce's facial expressions as of late, they are just too good)
My TV show addiction is slowing down my book progress for the year, but I've still got one a month so that's something. 

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08 April 2018

Team Fire

There's a new soccer star in town. 
Well...probably not but she looks good doing it. 
Coach Daddy is back too. 
When Travis calls himself Coach Daddy I roll my eyes but secretly it's the best. 
Who knows what this soccer season will hold? 
Probably tears and lots of bribing. 

(Also I have a new favorite store and I got Ruth's soccer tee for 50 cents!!!)

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03 April 2018

Easter 2018

Easter was so good! 
We got all the kids dressed and out the door by 7:30. 
That's a record for us. 
Church, lunch, naps and cousin time. 
Hayes had a rough time (see picture above) but let's blame that on being two.
Also, Ruth's expressions below are everything to me. 

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