15 March 2018

it ends well

So we got this new insurance that's not insurance and here's the jist....
We save a big chunk of change each month but
if someone in our family needs a vaccine, I sit at the health department 
for 10 zillion hours with that someone 
and pray I don't get sick or die of boredom. 
Last week Ruth and I went for her 4 year vaccines.
All was well because she doesn't know what the word vaccine means.
We walked in the room and the nurse said 'shot' and Ruth lost her marbles and I
cursed our new not-insurance-insurance and then we treated ourselves to orange ice cream with gummy bears.
The end.  

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14 March 2018

Spring Break

Spring break called for ice cream with cousins today. 
Ruth doesn't like her picture taken (as seen sprinting away) and Hayes doesn't like strawberry ice cream. 
Even though he asked for it. 
I'm not sure I can survive another two year old. 

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07 March 2018

pretty baby

Life is getting blurry.
I haven't been here because I've been busy driving kids to gymnastics or the doctor or haircuts.
Pearce practically lives in his car seat (which is now almost too heavy for me to lug around with him in it).
Somedays I feel bad for him, but it's hard to feel bad for pretty people.
At least I think so.

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26 February 2018

8 months (plus a little)

Pearce has one tooth. 
It's such a cute little tooth. 
He finally sits without falling over every two seconds. 
He's usually so smiley. This picture is not a fair representation but, we all have our moments.
I love my large baby.
And his weird red spot under his chin, I love that too.

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25 February 2018

two ladies

Travis took the girls to the Daddy-Daughter Dance last night and it was the cutest thing. 
The girls loved it and said Travis was a good date because he let them have 2 lemonades and 2 cookies each. 
He's a charmer that one! 
They came home with a caricature which is weird and wonderful at the same time. 
What does one do with a caricature? 
Just wondering. 

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21 February 2018

not exciting.

Excuse my absence. 
I've been pulling baby lice eggs out of hair and trying to stop the spread of pink eye. 
Each as terrible as you might think. 
Other news: 
I'm half way through my February book- Raising Your Spirited Child
AND trying to figure out something else for my family to eat tonight. 
Probably chicken, it's always chicken. 
See- really exciting times in my life! 

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13 February 2018

our love wall

Here's all we got for V-day...
Everyone has a heart and we write what we like/love about them.
It looks junky but it's sweet and I hope it's a tradition we keep.
I don't do presents for the kids on Valentine's because....I don't really have a reason.
I just don't.
My favorite thing on the love wall is that G wrote how much she loves herself.

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