18 July 2017

birthday boy

Travis turned 33 yesterday. 
33 sounds good doesn't it? 
I love celebrating this guy, even if it means being at the zoo in the 100 degree heat. 
(it might have been 95 but let's round up in the name of postpartum hormones) 
Nobody looks better driving a minivan than you, Travis Graham! 

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16 July 2017

One Month

Pearce turned one month yesterday. 
He weighs 11 lbs. 4 oz and still doesn't have a nickname. 
He has one elf ear (see above) and one regular ol' ear. 
He has the softest baby toes and the greatest lip snarl. 
It's already hard to remember life without the guy! 

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07 July 2017


It's been 3 weeks plus 1 day since we met Pearce. 
3 + 1 now equals the total number of children we have. 
AND how many hours sleep I get each night. 
So far, having 4 kids is pretty much the same as having 3. 
Someone is usually crying and I say, "you'll have to wait" about a zillion times a day. 
I have to make sure no one squishes the baby and I think I'll be okay. 

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05 July 2017


For our 8th Anniv4th (our 8th anniversary, and the 4th of July) we: 
Had donuts for breakfast. 
Attended the neighborhood parade. 
Had family over for hotdogs/hamburgers/swimming. 
Threatened all the children to take a nap. 
Played at a friends house. 
Watched fireworks from the park and sweated a lot. 

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02 July 2017

there's a lot of us.

Yesterday we picked peaches in the rain and went to Rudy's for a good time (well, really for lunch). 
Also yesterday: Hayes smashed his finger in the minivan door and people stared at the large number of young children we have. 
(maybe their staring was in my head but I don't think so...)
Fresh peaches are delishhhh and I have a feeling July is going to be a great month!

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