13 December 2017

Ruthie's day!

Ruth turned four today!!!!!!!!!!!!
If you ask her what her full name is she'll tell you it's Ruthie Ferg. 
If she was a grown up, we'd totally be besties. 
She's silly and fun and always up for a hug. 
Her birthday menu included: cheesy bread, chicken nuggets, sprite, pineapple and "lettuce for the grown ups". 
Thanks for thinking of us Ruthie girl, you're a gem! 
(Ruth at her birthday dinner with Georgia looking on....because birthday jealousy is a real thing....) 

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04 December 2017

Oh Daisy

(G reluctantly sings for old people with her Daisy Troop.)
I remember going with one of my friends to her Brownie Troop meeting when we were in elementary school. 
The whole thing felt off. 
Sad people in a sad room making some kind of craft. 
And now G's a Daisy, and I'm still not feeling it. 
If wearing a vest with patches on it makes my Daisy happy I'll try to fake some excitement. 

Who had a dancing daisy growing up? 

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25 November 2017

November mood

Thanksgiving break: 
So much together time. 
Also, we got a flocked tree that I fear I might regret. 
There is "snow" everywhere and it won't go away. 

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20 November 2017


It's Thanksgiving week! 
A week at home with all my littles. 
We're trying to stay busy so crazy things don't happen. 
So far Ruth has ripped the curtains (and rod) off the wall in Georgia's bedroom. 
And I'm still trying to get crayon off the wall from Hayes' mural attempt. 
And really, the week has barely begun so I'm sure more surprises are in store. 
(we begged the preschool director to stay open this week, she said no) 

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19 November 2017

a little late

He's like a real baby now except he still doesn't do much.
We haven't started feeding him real food, he's never rolled over, no teeth. 
He's just a giant cute baby.
Sleep is all over the place but the smiles are constant! 
We've decided he's the one baby that looks like me. 
Lucky guy! 

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13 November 2017

it's obvious

Currently our brunette likes to be called Ruth over Ruthie. 
Ruthie is obviously cuter. 
But then again, Ruth is obviously her name. 
And three year olds obviously prefer to do what they want over what their mothers want them to do. 
Ruth turns 4 one month from today! Hooray! 
Also, I found her missing purple shoes (gone for months!) under the couch. Hooray x2! 

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07 November 2017


Hayes and I took a surprise trip to the dentist last week. 
Surprises are really not great. 
We took his chipped tooth and $100 and got him fixed right up. 
Up close: booger and broken tooth. 
The booger is way grosser than the tooth.

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