09 February 2017

more than half way

I'm 21 weeks pregnant and we found out Tuesday we're having a baby BOY! 
This pregnancy has brought: 
- so many emotions
- a touch of hypochondria 
(I swear I only diagnose myself with live threatening diseases when I'm pregnant)
- a deeper than my already deep desire for sweets 
Everything is going by so fast and soon (God willing) I'll be telling you about life with four kids and all the chaos that will bring. 
We can't wait! 

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01 February 2017

when the state of your purse resembles the state of your life

I was feeling particularly gutsy and decided to take all three kids out to dinner by myself while Travis was working late tonight. 
Order was placed, kids were somewhat well mannered and it was time to pay. 
Except I couldn't find my wallet. 
And then I remembered my wallet was on the couch at home. 
(this is a pay at the front of the line type place)
I wanted to die of embarrassment but this has happened to me at the grocery store on more than one occasion, so I quietly tried to disappear out the door. 
Except the kids were hysterical that they would not be eating their pizza and sandwiches and whatever other junk I had just ordered. 
And, really it's hard to disappear when you're a pregnant lady with three small crying children in public. 
The manager caught me and told me the meal was covered. 
I wanted to decline but our Bible study today was on humility and I  had just finished a list of places in my life that I have been prideful and so I accepted. 
We sat as discreetly as possible and ate our not paid for food. 
Then a waitress came up and handed me a wad of cash and said someone wanted to bless us. 
(wad of cash pictured in disaster of purse containing no wallet)

We must have really looked like a mess. 
On the way out of the restaurant of course I saw someone I knew, as Ruth declares her legs don't work (three year old crawling on floor),  just to sweeten the whole deal. 

We get in the car and down the road and I counted someone else's hard earned money, mostly one dollar bills. 
22 is my special number. 
It sounds stupid, but it's my reminder number that God loves me. 
The number comes up when I need reminding. 
Like today. 
Also, 22 is a pretty random number of dollars to give to a crazy lady who looks as if she's on the brink of a meltdown. 
So it had to have been God inspired. 

Happy Wednesday friends!
Thursdays are for purse cleaning and becoming a more organized human. 

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25 January 2017

high five

We had fun celebrating Georgia today. 
She's brilliant and bossy and still a little dramatic. 
She's methodical, helpful and sensitive- and today she is five! 
It was an ear piercing, pony carrying, Chuck E. Cheese eating kind of day. 
5 years went quick. 
I didn't cry today because I'm all cried out from the Dennis drama, but I'm also so excited about who Miss G has become and all that she will continue to do. 
She's a great one, glad she's ours! 

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24 January 2017

doggone sad

I spent most of Sunday trying to figure out how to avoid a very expensive pug surgery. 
Two years ago Dennis needed the same surgery and we paid the big bucks. 
No normal person pays lots of money for dog surgery, twice. 
We had a dilemma.
Euthenize? Spend more money than we should? Give him up? 
I cried more than a person should cry over a dog. 
We're not crazy dog people. 
We're moderately good parents to our human children, and we were even less good to Dennis. 
I felt all the emotions. 
We decided to give him to pug rescue. 
They paid for the surgery, he's doing great and I hope he finds a crazy pug family who will walk him around while he sits in a stroller and let him sleep in bed with them. 
Crazy pug parents who will remember his meds and feed him expensive food and dress him up in sweaters.
I just wish we could be those people for him! 
Today at the mall I almost bought a hermit crab because I need to fill the Dennis shaped hole in my heart. 
Hermit crabs are super low maintenance and that's what we need. 
Hermit crabs also gross me out so I declined. 
Besides, I think Dennis would be offended by a hermit crab replacement so quickly. 
Almost 9 memory filled years with Dennis Dwayne can not be suppressed so easily! 
I miss that squishy face! 

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18 January 2017

P is for poop. and problems.

Yesterday Travis found a fecal matter nicely wrapped in a bath towel next to the toilet. 
The only reasonable culprit would be Ruth. 
That is so Ruth. 
As a parent, I feel it's important to maintain some kind of composure when dealing with any type of discipline situation. 
I couldn't. 
I laughed so hard I was crying. 
We coined the term 'turd taco' and thought it was hilarious.  
Jokes on us though. 
Now we are skittish around towels and other places poop might hide. 

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