27 November 2016

Before I forget

It's not Thanksgiving without a meltdown. 
Or a few meltdowns. 
Being two is hard. 
Strange colored pies and weird tasting cheese balls had a few of us disgruntled. 
Thankful still! 

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21 November 2016

too soon?

This weekend we decided we're having a Craigslist Christmas. 
(we also went to a local tree lighting, our kids were less than impressed)
We spent Saturday driving around picking up used treasures. 
It was great and we might make every Christmas a Craigslist one. 
At least until they figure it out or start making serious requests. 
Hopefully not soon. 

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24 October 2016

it really was magical

Excuse my absence. 
The past two weeks were full of stomach bug sharing, house buying, birthday celebrating craziness. 
I turned 32 and we took our first real family vacation. 
The little Ferguson ladies had their first airplane ride, first trip to the beach and first Dineyland experience. 
Hayes stayed behind for sanity's sake. 
I'm not one of those weird Disney people. 
No matching shirts, no detailed plans, no pergola in our backyard with mouse ears.
 But I do see the magic. 
It was fun to see the girls so very happy and I might have teared up a little when we met a certain princess. 
Today we're on a Disney Detox which includes the reintroduction of the word 'no' and weaning Hayes from his short stint as only child. 

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