13 February 2018

our love wall

Here's all we got for V-day...
Everyone has a heart and we write what we like/love about them.
It looks junky but it's sweet and I hope it's a tradition we keep.
I don't do presents for the kids on Valentine's because....I don't really have a reason.
I just don't.
My favorite thing on the love wall is that G wrote how much she loves herself.

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12 February 2018


Georgia will make (does make?) the cutest old lady. 
I hear redheads grey really nicely so she'll appreciate that someday. 
We've made it through 100 days of school with only one phone call home. 
(G injured someone and earned the nickname GEORGIA SCISSOR HANDS)
That was early in the year and she's made so much progress. 

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06 February 2018

tuck it

I'm very 'ehhh' lately. 
I think it's because I gave up Dr. Pepper for the zillionth time. 
(I miss you DP. I love you so.) 
Maybe I shouldn't even say I gave it up. 
We're on a break. 
In other news, Ruth has started tucking in all her tops and I think it's a fabulous choice. 
Even dresses. (not as fabulous but still cute)
On any given day she'll have things backwards and on the wrong feet, but always tucked in! 

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31 January 2018

pizza party

Georgia had her first "real" birthday party this weekend. 
When it comes to party planning I usually say no thanks (because...effort). 
Turns out I kinda like it! 
The girls made pizzas and sundaes. 
I planned games but they were mostly happy to run around and play without direction. 
Here's the other thing about parties...large quantities of toddlers scare me. 
12 six year olds is juuuust right!
We're done with birthdays around here for a while. 
I'm looking for valentine traditions to start with the kiddos. 
So far, I got nothing. 

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24 January 2018

babies don't keep

It was Georgia's last day as a 5 year old. 
I'm excited for what this next year will bring for her. 
BUT part of me wants to hold on to her being little. 
I think that's normal.
When she was a baby I couldn't even kind of imagine her as a 6 year old. 
Now, here she is! 
More fun than I could have dreamt up. 
All the heart eyes for you baby G! 

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19 January 2018

7 months of P

Pearce is 7 months! 
Sweet spot of babyhood IMO. 
He isn't really sitting, isn't rolling, and for sure isn't near crawling. 
He just lays around and smiles. Like really, that's all he does. 
It's kind of like having a giant happy newborn. 
And I love it. 
(this month he had his first baby fever and set up for a millisecond by himself. the end)

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15 January 2018

ferguson infirmary

It's January and I have four kids. 
No one told me that when you have four kids one will (pretty much) always be sick. 
They forgot to mention that when one child gets something, slowly but surely (never fast) they all get it. 
(flu, ear infections, vomit, snot, all the things)
Sick kids are the opposite of fun. 
Fingers crossed, I think we're in the clear!

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