27 August 2016

the oldest Ferg I knew

Thursday we went to visit Travis' pop for what we thought would be the last time. 
Today he took his last breath and is now free from pain. 
I'm not sure if Pop had a cell phone but I know he knew how to check my blog. 
It makes me smile to think about him checking in on our little life. 
Death has me thinking about legacies and relationships and regrets and my desire for God to make all things new. 
It felt weird to take this picture (like I was intruding on a moment or something) but I'm glad I did. 
Ferg love runs deep. 

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26 August 2016

let me justify

Things got busy around here. 
This was our last week of summer as school starts next week. 
We met our teachers, had soccer tryouts and almost put our house on the market. 

Also, I don't normally feed my kids Lunchables but we've started a Target tradition. 
If they don't act like crazy people they get a delicious (no), nutritious (no) Lunchable. 
Whatever it takes. 

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21 August 2016

all smiles

I honestly have no idea what happened Friday but we'll pretend it looked like this: 
Saturday JiJi turned 64!
Sunday the girls matched and my dad came to visit! 
I hate it when the girls match, the love it... 

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18 August 2016


We joke that my mom is a hoarder. 
She's not living in mounds of trash or anything, but she did keep my precious places village (or whatever) in a box for 25 years.  
My girls are thankful. 
They've played for two full days with this stuff. 
When they start fighting over little pieces I pretend to put it up and they fix themselves right away because nothing is worse than your precious places getting trashed. 
(it was on it's way to the trashcan when they discovered it) 

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15 August 2016


We held our first annual 'mom's out all night' this weekend and it was so fabulous. 
I'm so thankful for mama friendships and feel encouraged by these ladies. 
I deepened my love for snacking, laughing and AIRBNB. 

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11 August 2016

summer fling

Georgia had a date with her boyfriend at the city pool today. 
They held hands the majority of the time.
(that's his little hand reaching out for her)
Can't handle. 

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