19 January 2018

7 months of P

Pearce is 7 months! 
Sweet spot of babyhood IMO. 
He isn't really sitting, isn't rolling, and for sure isn't near crawling. 
He just lays around and smiles. Like really, that's all he does. 
It's kind of like having a giant happy newborn. 
And I love it. 
(this month he had his first baby fever and set up for a millisecond by himself. the end)

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15 January 2018

ferguson infirmary

It's January and I have four kids. 
No one told me that when you have four kids one will (pretty much) always be sick. 
They forgot to mention that when one child gets something, slowly but surely (never fast) they all get it. 
(flu, ear infections, vomit, snot, all the things)
Sick kids are the opposite of fun. 
Fingers crossed, I think we're in the clear!

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10 January 2018

a conversion of sorts

Georgia has made several fun declarations since kindergarten started. 
Our personal favorite has been her desire to be Jewish.
"Look, I made the Star of David!" 
I assume the Hanukkah lesson in December was very compelling. 
We explained that we are Christians and how the two differ. She has chosen to forgo a formal conversion to Judaism for the time being. 
Still, every time we find a menorah we think of G and I had to resist the urge to buy dreidel wrapping paper last month. 
She's so much fun I can't handle it. 

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08 January 2018

pant shaming

If you look close enough you can see a Ferguson Family secret! 
It's not a flying disc or us enjoying the wide open spaces of Lott, TX. 
Travis' fox pants. 
Travis says his fox pants make him feel, "comfortable and safe".
His words. 
I don't think he's joking. 
When classifying dress code there are layers... formal, cocktail, dressy casual, causal, fox pants. 
Fox pants are appropriate for Walmart and home and really that is pushing it. 
He loves them and so they deserve to be documented!

(A while ago I did indeed have whale pants. They are no longer with us. Travis will tell you this post is written out of jealousy and animal pant desire.) 

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05 January 2018


We've had to get seriously creative with things to do this Christmas break. 
It feels like the kids have been out of school foreverrrrrr.
School will be back on Monday and my time at fast food playgrounds will decrease. 
Can't wait! 

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03 January 2018


We had such fun ringing in the New Year with friends. 
I'm getting to old for late night shenanigans but I welcome them once a year! 
My only real goal this year is to be a bit more organized. 
I bought two books (here & here) because all things organization elude me in a unfortunate way. 
Organized or not, 2018 looks pretty great so far! 

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01 January 2018

Ferg Year in Review

View More: http://kristenhafnerphotography.pass.us/ferguson-family-christmas
In 2017: 
We got rid of Dennis. (all the tears)
Georgia got her ears pierced. 
We found out we were having a baby boy. 
Hayes expanded his vocabulary to words beyond "milk cup". 
We replaced several tires on our cars. (I became a serial flat tire maker)
Jack Pearce was born! 
Ruth finally committed herself to her big sister role. 
Georgia went to kindergarten. 
We celebrated a full year in our new house.

AND...other things I can't remember. 
2018 will be full of new adventures, I'm sure! 
We're looking forward to it! 

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