20 April 2017


Tax season is over! 
CPA wives rejoice! 
Travis took 2 days off and we "enjoyed" a "staycation" at Great Wolf Lodge. 
It really was neither enjoyable or vacation like. 
Still recovering ... and we were there less than 24 hours. 
Georgia keeps asking when we're going back. 
At least 4 years baby girl. 

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17 April 2017

Easter 2017

Easter is creeping it's way to the top of my list for best holiday/celebration/good time. 
New traditions included the reading of The Easter Story Egg and dying actual eggs. 
I've never dyed eggs with the kids before because I enjoy my sanity. It wasn't too bad, so we'll add it to the Easter rotation. 

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05 April 2017

Aunt Uzanne

My friend Suzanne moves to Indiana on Friday and I'm so sad. 
Making and keeping friends is hard. 
Especially the kind that you really like. 
(The kind that bring you Dr. Peppers and balloons to cheer you up when you give your dog away.)
Ruthie is sad too.
Those two have special love for each other.
Ruth has prayed (without prompting) for Aunt Uzanne for almost two weeks straight. 
Ruthie must know that moving and job switching can be stressful...
We'll miss you Suzanne! 
(I bet you aren't reading this...and if you are you'll hate that I posted this picture)

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04 April 2017

super tall

I should have known today was going to be weird when Travis brought this home after taking the girls to school. 
Besides the obvious, Travis hates baseball and Father's Day is like, in what? 2 months. 
So confused. 

Other strange things that happened today: 
A freaky fast doctors appointment. 
A flat tire. 
A total object throwing meltdown from our middle child. 
(honestly that last one isn't so strange lately...)

We ended our makeshift Father's Day (still confused) with Sonic for dinner and Paw Patrol on repeat. 

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29 March 2017

so progressive

Last weekend we participated in a progressive dinner. 
It was super fun. 
No kids. 
30 friends. 
The progressive part of the evening was perfect for my short attention span. 
We don't really know many of our neighbors since our move in December. 
I'm hoping I get gutsy enough to ask some of them next time we do this. 
There will be a next time because fun things should be done more than once. 
Don't ya think? 

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